Highlights from the whitepaper

Artificial Intelligence and its Role in the Sustainable Revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing our world, enabling organizations to make better decisions, faster. With AI, businesses are becoming more efficient and more sustainable, and NTT DATA is at the forefront of this change. We are applying this technology across multiple sectors, including in healthcare, where AI helps doctors with diagnosis and helps monitor patients undergoing treatment to improve their outcomes.

IOWN, NTT’s ‘Innovative Optical Wireless Networks’ technology, will increase the processing power behind AI, enabling its application in more situations. In the future, AI will help make our homes and cities smarter, safer, and more sustainable. As AI’s capabilities grow, NTT DATA remains committed to ensuring the technology is used ethically and responsibly, for the good of humanity.

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Gastronomy, Fishing and Sustainable Trading Using Blockchain

The applications for blockchain technology go far beyond its original use in cryptocurrency. From facilitating sustainable trade to enhancing gastronomical experiences, NTT DATA’s projects involving blockchain demonstrate its capacity to be used for social good.

Blockchain’s transparency and traceability improve the visibility of supply chains. By securely tracing each step in a supply chain, we can increase our knowledge of where products come from and how they are produced. With these capabilities, blockchain will play a key role in helping us manage the world’s resources more sustainably.

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How R&D is used at NTT DATA

We invest in R&D to help our clients, and to ensure that we are always leading in technology, not following. NTT DATA is investing in our six digital focus areas, and at the R&D Forum we saw demonstrations in areas such as 5G connectivity, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and edge computing.

Now more than ever, technology is shaping business life and NTT DATA is actively working with our clients to develop early-stage research into solutions that work for them. For NTT DATA, the R&D we do is part of our fundamental commitment to create long-term relationships with our clients. It’s about developing solutions which make them great at what they do.

Adaptive Design for a Future World

Design is the bridge between humans and technology. It’s what allows us to use products and services intuitively and with minimal effort. For NTT DATA, design is a way to humanize technology and to benefit specific societal causes. For example, an NTT DATA team recently developed an app to help caregivers and educators better support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

To create solutions such as this, which fulfil the complex needs of a user, collaboration is necessary. NTT DATA promotes collaboration between designers across its network of design studios, providing digital platforms and virtual spaces to facilitate continued collaboration in an increasingly digital world.

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Research Fundamentals & Quantum Computing

NTT Group invests in a vast breadth of research. NTT’s Basic Research Laboratories work in fundamental materials science, physical science and optical science.

There were some truly exciting technologies on show at the R&D Forum. We had a glimpse into a post-Moore era of computing with the emergence of quantum computers. These make direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data instantaneously.

NTT’s research into quantum and also photonics-based promises to reshape how computers of the future will process data.

Harnessing the Power of IoT

NThe Internet of Things (IoT) connects powerful technologies together to bring about innovative solutions to problems. IoT networks collect vast amounts of actionable data that can be leveraged to produce huge efficiency gains.

With IoT technology, resources can be managed more sustainably on a vast scale, labour-intensive processes can become automated, and our lived environments can become responsive to individual wants and needs. NTT DATA is collaborating with experts around the world to bring such solutions into practice, and to harness the power of IoT technology to help us live more sustainably.

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Sports Technology

We’re working on sports technology that is being leveraged in three ways. It is used on broadcast TV for remote viewing, to enhance the live experience, and for performance analysis by the teams and athletes themselves..

At the R&D Forum, NTT DATA showcased how it can take high-resolution video from a game and use AI to track and analyse what is happening in real-time. We also described what we are doing in the live arena to enhance spectator experiences at venues.

NTT DATA has been leading the way with its interactive data wall at The Open, one of the four major tournaments in professional golf – and we are planning to roll out this technology to other sports too.