Introduction to NTT R&D Forum and NTT DATA R&D Tour

Innovation is fundamental to success in today’s fast-changing digital world. That’s why we thread
innovation through all NTT DATA offerings. It guides our thinking, excites us, helps us to create
and implement new processes, technologies and operational models to transform your business.

Each year, the results of our innovation comes together at the NTT R&D Forum,
held at the NTT R&D Center at Musashino and NTT DATA HQ in Toyosu, Japan. Tens of thousands of staff,
clients, journalists, analysts, partners, and members of the public come to experience exceptional,
world-class research and development projects from NTT and NTT DATA that will shape the future
of how we live and work.

The result of an annual spend of $3.6 billion, the work of thousands of researchers,
and over 16,000 patents, the Forum hosts in excess of one hundred breakthrough initiatives,
ranging from early proof of concepts to market-ready technologies.

Spread across three primary areas – communications services, information networks,
and cutting-edge technologies – these technologies boost industrial competitiveness and address
a number of pressing social challenges. Crucially, they also help NTT DATA clients to develop
and execute on their agendas, now and in the future.