Theme: What’s IOWN? – Change the World
Meet the researchers and scientists behind NTT’s cutting-edge technology research as we explore 100+ showcases

Special Category
• Smart World powered by IOWN
Showcase Category
• Media Device and Robotics
• AI
• Data Utilization and Management
• Network
• Security
• Basic Research

Keynote speech
Lead by:
Jun Sawada, President and CEO, NTT
Katsuhiko Kawazoe ,Senior Vice President, Head of R&D Planning, NTT

Workshop and sessions


Theme: Accelerating Digital
NTT DATA exclusive sessions are designed to inspire and demonstrate how we can help accelerate your digital agenda

Welcome and introduction to NTT DATA
Lead by:
Tsuyoshi Kitani, CTO, NTT DATA

NTT DATA Technology Foresight
Lead by:
Hisashi Yoshida, Senior Manager, NTT DATA

Speeches by Regional CTOs
Lead by:
Yukio Okamoto, Director, NTT DATA

• Intelligent Automation (US)
• AI and Data Intelligence (everis)
• Cloud and IT Optimization (EMEA: Germany)

• Activity Around Advanced AI Technology and Quantum Computing (AI/IoT)
• Our Blockchain Capability and Case Study (Blockchain)
• Our Digital Design Capability and Case Studies (Design)
• Ultra-Rapid Delivery by Altemista (DevOps/Altemista)

• HMI MIRAGE Cases, HMI Tracking
• Indoor Navigation for Blind Persons
• Next Mobility Charge
• Hybrid Command Center
• everis Knowler
• everis CAD
• BlockTrace for Food Donation
• DevOps by Altemista
• BlockChain-Based Traceability Solution `{`BlockTrace`}`
• FLARE: Fast Learning Aerial Reconnaissance
• A System for Fast Disaster Management Teams
• VR-Full Digital Office
• Telepresence Communication for a Highly Efficient Workplace
• Demonstration of Fast VRP Optimization Using a Quantum Annealing Machine
• Training Data Generation for Deep Learning
• Multi-Modal AI & Explainable AI for Trademark Examination
• Multi-Modal AI & Explainable AI for Customs Clearance
• AI Operation Manager for Running AI Services Continuously
• Spatial Data Analysis – Find and Analyse the Real Objects You Want
• Indoor Positioning Navigation Technology Using Geomagnetism
• Video Quality Control Based on Deep Learning
• NTT DATA Managed Service on Service Now Platform

NTT DATA R&D Day 2  *optional

Our digital design capabilities

DevOps: Ultra-rapid delivery by Altemista